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Your Solution to Corrosion Prevention

Ace Surface Treatment focuses on anti-rust solutions for metals through abrasive blasting and coating. With our services, the lifespan of steel products client’s steel product able to prolong their lifespan with resist to corrosion.
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Sandblasting & Cold Galvanising

  • Sandblasting

    This is the process of propelling different media at high speed on to the material surface, to clean or to create profile for better anchorage of bonding materials.
  • Cold Galvanising

    Japan formula for over 50 years,Zinc rich dry film galvanising system,Hot-dipped galvanising equivalent,Ultra fine Zinc particles

our customers

We cover sector ship building/repair, refinery, power plant, construction, aerospace and etc.

Our service are exported all over Southeast Asia, Asia, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. Portable Blasting Pots fabricated by our company comes with MOM Certifications. 
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